Welcome to the Corinth Baptist Church Website.  I'm glad you stopped by.  

As Sr. Pastor, I want to express to you how blessed it is to be a part of a loving church family such as the body here.  We have a great group of believers genuinely united in Christian love.  We purpose to be the church and not simply attend one.  As Christ loves us we seek to follow His example in loving.  I would welcome the opportunity to visit with you, whether it be here at the church, or the place of your choosing.  

We are excited to be growing both in number, in our relationships with our heavenly Father, and with each other.  We hold firmly to the truth of the Holy Bible and seek to follow it's teachings.  The folks here have a strong desire to help the youth of today prepare to be the leaders of tomorrow.  

Come by and join with us, as we offer up our worship and service to our great and loving Heavenly Father.

In Christ's love,

Bro. Cary Kinnaird

Sr. Pastor